How to Start Blogging from Scratch & Make Money Online

Blogging is the great medium for the beginners to start their freelancing journey. Freelancing is very common now a days and the best way to earn money online but it is not as  easy as people think.

When it comes to blogging either you having custom website or free blogs you need to give full time and effort to get your blog in ranking. People think that lets make a blog publish some content & wait for the audience to come and see it and then they claim that its not working i didn’t earn anything. Its important to have Unique name with rich content in your website.

You need to take care of some thing before starting a a blog to enter in the field of freelancing.

Getting Started with Blogspot Blogs

Blogspot Blogs are the best place for the beginners to start their blogging ride. You need to select the best name for your blog i.e it must be easy & easy search word, So that people can easily find your blog when the type specific keyword.

When we come to the Blogspot design you should know the basics of HTML & CSS You can Watch these Video Tutorials for that. After that its time to Upload some rich content. You need to take care of some things like:

  1. Try not to Copy someone’s content from any Blog / Website.
  2. Write article more then 500 Words & it should be in English.
  3. Your article should have proper Headings.
  4. Try to use your own Photos not from any website or from Google Search.
  5. Don’t use Spam or Bulk website links in your article.
  6. Your article must be well managed.

Now its time to earn money for the Blogspot you have one one choice that it Google Adsense. According to Google policies your blog must be 6 Months old & should have organic traffic. If you think that your blog is 6 Month old you can apply for the adsense from the Earning section. But Remember that your blog should have 10-15 daily visitors from google not from any social media platform.

Start Blogging from Blogs

WordPress Blogs are very simple to use & are user friendly. You don’t need to be developer or programmer for that. All you need it select a good name select theme from Build in theme store & start blogging. In wordpress blogs their is no restriction like Adsense Policies. You can Simply apply for WordPress Word Ads and make money online. But Your blog should have good reputation & have audience no matter audience come’s from Social Media or from Google Search.

In wordpress Blogs you can also make authors to your website & start your blog as a team. You can automatically share your article to your social media accounts using jetpack socialize option. You need to connect your social media accounts to jetpack to active it.

Getting Started with Custom Website Blog

If you are getting audience day by day to your free blogs, Now its time to purchase some good domain name and make a proper website for that to enter in the field of Professional Blogging. How to get Domain & Hosting?

You can buy from Award Winning Website i,e Blue Host , Go Daddy & Hostgator. You can choose a small business plan in the beginning when your new to this filed. If your not a programmer or Developer you need Web developer or Designer to setup your blog website using wordpress & design it as well.
After that its time to import Your content from Blogspot to WordPress or from WordPress to WordPress website

Try to get inside the circle of google adsense policies to get adsense approval in your website. If your importing the posts nothing to be worried about 6months old website but if your getting started as a new one wait for 6 months get your website indexed in Google Completely.

Search Engine Optimization for Website

After that you need a SEO for your website Try to use Yoast SEO plugin or Google XML sitemap to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools which is the most important part for the blogger to do. After that try to check the webmaster tools daily to avoid any issue or warning if you have some try to fix it as soon as possible to avoid the effect on blog ranking in Google Search.

Remember: Now you are in the field of Professional Blogging and can earn online from your website. One more thing try to be in the specific topic for the website don’t publish random and different posts adsense avoid such websites for the adsense.

Written By:

Sarmad Gardezi A blog scientist by Mind and a Passionate Blogger by heart. Sarmad is Freelancer, Entrepreneur and Google Apps Scripts Developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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