How to use One Gmail Email Address for Multiple Social Accounts

Gmail is the top leading Email Organization. 90% people in the world use Gmail for Different Purposes.

Basically, Google doesn’t care about the periods in your email address. To Google,  is the same as  or . Therefore, simply by putting or removing the period or moving it across your email address, you’ll have the new email address which you need to create account with.

The extra cool point is that you don’t need to manage more than one inbox! All your emails will be in one main inbox! This little trick comes in handy, specially when you’re a power user or you need to manage more than just one account in any social network.

That’s it! But if you have any more tips about email providers, please share them in the comments section.

One Email 2 Social Accounts How?

If you want to create 2 twitter accounts on one Gmail Account. Yes you can do this! Most of us have Email accounts like or google consider it as when someone email’s you. So its pretty simple now You can use one Email with (.) on Twitter main account and one without (.) on second account.

How i can forget Password ?

If your using this trick it pretty hard to get a forget password because when you do this google will review this trick so its Important to remember your Password for the bulk account. In case if you forgot the password try to change the email address of that Account you know the password and then forget the password and after resting the password use the same trick again to use multiple accounts on one email.

Will Social Account send me Email’s on Both Emails?

Yes! Social account will send you both account email i.e bulk & non bulk emails on same address to check that from which account you received the email check details in image below.

In the above Image to. is the Email on which Twitter sent the email, This means that you got the email on actual email not the bulk one. So, try to check this when you receive an email from your Social Account.

Can i share my Bulk email with Friend?

Yes you can share your bulk email wit your friend every time they send you email, you will get in your own email with same speed and structure. This is the legal way to use your email as bulk with Gmail Only. I don’t know about other Mail Services.

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Hope so this trick will help you to manage your multiples Sopcial account with one email.

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