How to Create a Html WebPage in Google Apps Script

Google is providing many services to its users. Some daily used services are Google Drive, Gmail & Google Maps. But google also provides some custom services for the developers to create something new for the users. It includes Google App Scripts & Gsuite.

You can create your own Web Based Applications and Custom add-ons that makes other work more easy. These services are premium but you can use Google App Scripts to create a webpage or web add-on for free.You should know some basics of HTML5, CSS3 & Javascripts.

Getting Started with Google App Scripts

To start script writing in google apps script go to web address Yo need to sign in with your Gmail Account. Remember that you have enough space in your Google Drive because all the scripts will be saved in your google drive and you can visit them later by going to your drive. The best way to organize scripts is to create a separate folder for your each script in Google Drive and place the script file inside it.

After you start a first script a script page will open you need to write the Javascript code to fetch the html page as a webpage. You can get the code from here, after that create a new file as index.html page and in the Body section what what ever you want to display on your webpage.

After creating a whole HTML page save the changes. Now its time to deploy it as web app for that goto Publish > Deploy as web app after that a popup screen will appear, Select the app version and visibly to Public so that anyone with the link can view it.

Authorize Your Application

Before you deploy it as webpage you need to authorize it with your email address. If you are not a Gsuite member it will say to Authorize unofficial app so you need to accept it. You can also check google guide for that.

Remember: Don’t upload spam pages or personal information pages i.e Portfolio pages or CV pages. Google will mark such pages as spam and may delete them. Try to make something useful and helpful for others.

By using Google Scripts you can make Google Chrome Extensions & Add-on so that anyone can easily use them using Chrome Web Store online. You can also watch this Video Tutorial and learn how to write your first google app script. You can also check your website details using Google App Scripts.

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