Best Way to Drive audience from LinkedIn to Your Website

LinkedIn is best business person platform. You can easily remain intouch with all the top leaders of business through LinkedIn. You can connect with your favorite persons through LinkedIn. But if you’re running a website you definitely need some audience  why should  grab your LinkedIn audience to your website?

Isn’t it great idea to get all your related topic person to your website Through LinkedIn. You will get organic traffic to your website. Lets see how you can do it in very simple way.

First thing you should do

In the beginning you have to make audience in your LinkedIn account. By endorsing  your category people i.e if you have interest in Digital Marketing try to connect with only those people who are interested in Digital Marketing. Make Connection up to 500+ try to become a 1st at LinkedIn.

By getting this its time to achieve your next goal that it try to post some thing and see how many views you get in your posts and ID.

Start Interacting with People

After that its time to buildup a connection with people so that you will get  a good response on your posts. This can be done by Messaging different people. Interact them on Comments and posts. This is the major thing to get audience daily. Sometimes you need to put efforts on it to do it in short period of time. When you get 100-300 views per day its time to drive the audience to your website.

Drive Audience to Website / Blog

Now how you drive audience to your website. Its pretty much difficult to do it. About 60% people do not click on any links of website. SO what method you should use, So that people click on your links can approach you.

Write some article on LinkedIn Try to explain major things on first Paragraph after that try to use link that redirect them to your website article. By placing Continue reading.. this is the best way to redirect them to the actual article so that they can easily read the complete details on that specific topic they want.

Bonus Tip for Beginners

Its hard to check that How many clicks you go from Continue Reading Redirect link right? So to check it you need to create an Account on after that create a short link of your website article using links. Place that link on your redirect link. Now you can Track the Click and Audience.

This method is also very help ful if your doing Digital Marketing. The second best way to get audience is to Join Groups on LinkedIn you can share your website links on Groups. Large number of people use LinkedIn groups for many purposes. If you share the content, they looking for you will clicks on that topic.

So if this tip is helpful and you get clicks on your links do let me know in the comments. Try to use this trick for every social media account so that you can get organic traffic to your website in short period of time.

Written By:

Sarmad Gardezi A blog scientist by Mind and a Passionate Blogger by heart. Sarmad is Freelancer, Entrepreneur and Google Apps Scripts Developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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