Best Way to Get 100 Followers on Instagram in One Day

Instagram is the top Leading Photo Application in 2015 to 2018. People use Instagram to share their Photos with friend and Even with Public Audience. But for the Beginners its hard to get more followers and Fame in less time. But there are certain ways which can lead you to the successful Instagram Account and you can easily get more and more followers likes and Comments day by day.

Creating Instagram Account

The first this before creating an Instagram account is to think about the stuff your going to upload because it matters alot i.e what kind of posts your going to share day by day. If you choose the unique theme for your account then you can easily post regular photos related to that and can get great audience day by day. With a Proper theme of account its not possible to get real audience.

Redirecting Audiance

If you have some main account on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter you can redirect your audience by mention your Instagram account in Social Links. This is another great way to get followers from your other social networks. Always try to get real followers because the matters a lot, If you get some fake followers from any website then they will never interact on your photos and you will get nothing of your daily hard work.

Grow Sharing Rate

If your posts are getting great response try to share them or Embed them in blogs or website to get more views. The best way to get Views is to share it with link on other social sites try to mention your friends in posts so that they get to know about it. If your using any Big Company Details try to mention them in Photos.

Using #Hashtags in Instagram

Hashtags play’s important role in getting more Likes & comments on Instagram post. Hashtag are like Keywords just Like Facebook and any other social site hashtags are mostly used to search any specific topic related posts. In Instagram you can use viral and trending hashtags to Get more likes on your post. In the about photo on my Instagram Account you can see that im using top trending hashtags which viral my photo in Instagram and i get more likes. You can see my account details below.

Sharing Latest News

You can also use latest news Photos to show that your sharing up to date news try mention those people who are really interested in that content. Another best way to get followers is to Follow using hashtag follow that people which are in to your regular hashtag so that they will follow back you and you will get audience and views as well.


By using all these methods you will surely get Instagram Followers but check Instagram Policies so that you don’t violate any of their policy for getting your account blocked. Enjoy posting photos and getting Followers.

Written By:

Sarmad Gardezi A blog scientist by Mind and a Passionate Blogger by heart. Sarmad is Freelancer, Entrepreneur and Google Apps Scripts Developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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