How to Delete Unwanted Spam Apps from Twitter Account

lots of people are saying that Twitter is not doing a very good job of stopping spammy posts from appearing in their timelines, and I concur.

My Twitter feed used to be infested with spammy weight loss messages from apps and unwanted tweets from games. Worse, I’ve noticed that some applications caused unwanted behavior on my account, like following other users and retweeting on my behalf.

For its part, Twitter lets users select which apps are allowed to post on the service on their behalf. It’s actually incredibly easy to stop unwanted apps from spamming you on Twitter with just a few clicks, let me show you how!

The primary source of these unwanted tweets on your Twitter timeline are third-party apps that you’ve authorized to use your Twitter account. for example, you might have to permit the app to use your Twitter account for elevated social experience.

An app like Foursquare, for instance, might ask permission to use your Twitter account in order to help you connect with your Twitter friends who also happen to use Foursquare. Thankfully, Twitter has provided a central place to manage permissions for apps that use your Twitter account

How to Delete/Revoke Spam Application

To delete or revoke the spam applications you need to uninstall them from your account or revoke them from your account. Follow the simple steps and see how you can do so.

This can only be done Using Desktop version of Twitter or using HTML5 browser in with Desktop mode from your Android / IOS device.

  1. Login to Twitter account.
  2. Go to the Profile section and go to settings.
  3. On the left pane go to Applciations / Apps

After that check that which app you don’t know and are Installed in your Twitter Account, Simply revoke them from your account.

All done! Now your account will not Spam DM’s or Tweet any thing automatically. If you still feel any issue you can complain directly to Twitter by using this link

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