How to get Adsense Approval on Small Business Website

Adsense is the world top leading Advertisement network on Internet. You can earn Dollars by showing adds on your blog or small business website. But its very hard for the beginners or New websites to get an adsense approval in very short era.

According to top blogs guide  getting adsense account your website should be 6 Months old as per Official Google Policies . But as per my Experience it’s must to have Website older than 6 months. But Posts should not be 50 or 100, I saw many websites having 200+ article and are not eligible for the adsense account why?

Getting Started with Adsense

First step to get started with adsense is to have a Proper .com website with Good Domain name & proper hoster hosting package. If you are starting a Website from scratch or new to websites then you should know main thing regarding websites.

First thing should be your website should be on WordPress Because its  easy to handle a WordPress website and you can easily manage every page & your website will be secure. Secondly You should have some pages im listing below before submitting a sitemap.

  1. Your website Should have About page / About Company Page.
  2. Site should have Contact us page.
  3. If you have company website then it should have proper valid disclaimer page.
  4. Website Should have its own Copyright Privacy Policy page.
  5. and last one  is HTML sitemap page Adsense team check whole website through HTML sitemap page.

After having all these pages your website should be proper and well coded. No image should be copied from google you have to use your own images or can buy images using Shutterstock.  Website must have header Content area Sidebar Footer.

Content & Pages

Your website should have proper content in Excellent English. Try to write details in more then 300 Text Words.  You can write articles on your Products details or any other topics and they should be 15 or more. To make your website large you can create some Pages related to your services and write about 260 Words. Minimum pages should be 6 or More.

Website Design

Your website design should be simple with Well managed. Try to avoid any external spam websites links that are not SSL or https before adsense. Your wordpress theme should be responsive and friendly because adsense want such design that is capable with every device.

Submit to Google Webmaster Tools

After setting up complete website submit your website to Google Webmaster which is the most important thing. If you will skip this step your website can never get an Adsense account. You need to verify your property and submit a sitemap. After that wait 1 or 2 weeks so that your website gets index in Google Search and atleast 4 posts and 5 pages should be index. Try to Make Google Crawl rate faster to get fast Indexing.

After Doing all these Steps now you can Apply for Google Adsense & you will get a Approval. After that you can post adds to any of your website it not important to get approval on every website. You can watch this Video Tutorial for more details.

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Sarmad Gardezi A blog scientist by Mind and a Passionate Blogger by heart. Sarmad is Freelancer, Entrepreneur and Google Apps Scripts Developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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