How to Start a New Blog Website From Scratch

Blogging is the first step to earn online. People work as a Freelancer & entrepreneur as their first step in the field of blogging. Blog can be helpful in different ways it can help you to share your creative and helpful ideas with audience around the globe.

Before starting a new blog there are some main important things which you should keep in your mind. If you are  Starting with making  some money online using different methods then you should change your mind to get involved in your blog rather then getting dollars in a day. Most of the people failed in blogging because they try to get money in a week and when they fail to get their motives they  just turn into some other way.

Setting Up Blog Website

But before setting up Blog Website you need a proper domain with hosting. Domain name is the main address of your website i.e or , These are the domain name. So you should choose best and easy domain name for your website so that people can easy find out your website in google search.

Hosting is basically the space for for your website you initially you can get low space to get audience and other content after that you can get a higher one as per your website need. How you can buy it? so there are Award winner websites that offer both Hosting and Domain in very cheap price with 100% up time and service help center. The one one hosting is Hostgator. You can get both domain and hosting in very reliable price & second one is GoDaddy.

After that its time to set up a complete blog website with some important pages you should know to avoid DMCA claims and other security issues in your blog. You should consider these thing as main pages of your blog to get great indexing in Google Search.

  1. Your website Should have Privacy Policy Page.
  2. Your Website must have HTML Sitemap page.
  3. Website should page Proper Header and Footer.
  4. According to Google Website Code should be Clean & Well managed.
  5. Your website should have side bar with proper content & should be user friendly.
  6. Website should be on Proper host with 100%up time.

After Creating all these pages your Blog is ready.

Choosing Theme & Colors Patterns

I saw many websites with some built in themes,Dummy links and normal color scheme. its important to use your own logo with matching color scheme and try to remove all extra links and dummy text. Because these stuff make your website Spam and Google Avoid such website to be Indexed in Google.

Try to Use best premium templates like choosing Themeforest Themes for WordPress websites. They are best for WordPress both Custom Blog and Single page website SEO.

Content Uploading

Now its time to upload the Content. So your content should be in proper English. Please avoid any other language in blogging. As google only fetch English Blog website more then another one. Your content should contain at least 300 Words. With proper headings. Like the first heading should be Heading 1 and remain should be Heading 2 & as per your content requirement.

Try to avoid google images in your blog they might cause copyrght issue. You can Check Google Policies.

Setting Up Sitemap

After doing all this is time to get your stuff on Google. So, for that you need a sitemap for your blog website. Best Plugins are Yoast SEO Premium & Google XML Sitemap. After Setting up sitemap go to Google Webmaster Tools add your website, verify your property  and then from crawl>sitemap  submit your website sitemap. Wait for 24hours and then check regularly if it shows any issue. A normal post will take up to 1 week to get in google. After getting website High rank your post will be on google in one day. It depends on your website audience and health.

Setting up SEO for Website

The last process is setting up website SEO. SEO is search engine optimization which si the important Tool for every website. Go get your article on Top page and on top SEO matters alot. i’m sharing some basic guidelines to for doing your website SEO.  Try to use Internal Blog posts linking. Use Plugins to do seo. Avoid Demo and Blank pages in your website. Do not index Author page or Archive pages.

Well done your blog website is ready now its time to share it with your friends. Try to get more admins to manage your website so that you can upload content on daily basis. For one person its pretty much hard to maintain a whole website. So you should find some google developer friend who can maintain website internal issues & improve it day by day.

Written By:

Sarmad Gardezi A blog scientist by Mind and a Passionate Blogger by heart. Sarmad is Freelancer, Entrepreneur and Google Apps Scripts Developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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