How to do WordPress Custom One Page SEO

As the most popular content management system (CMS) WordPress is on the top of the list. On wordpress you can make any kind of website no matter it is a Business , Portfolio , or Blog website. Every website has its own strategy regarding Search engine optimization.

Many website are small or have only one page, People think that its hard to do SEO of one page wordpress website. But its not as much hard as people think. If your website is fully responsive and optimized then you can easily do SEO of any website whether it is of one page or several pages website.

Choosing One Page Template

Getting started with one page wordpress website its important to choose fully seo optimized theme for your website. Try to use Premium themes from themeforest as their themes are fully seo activated. Don’t use dummy data in your website, try to make your own page with original rich information. That is not the end after setting up theme there are several other important thing you should do.

Design One Page Template

After setting up the theme its time to design it. Try to avoid lots of designing plugins as they cast bad impact on SEO. Do not use too many slides and other animated plugins.

Your design should be simple but attractive. Don’t use too much images or infographics as they make obstacles  in the way of work undergone by SEO.

Adding Meta Tags & Keywords

The one page theme is fully reformable even though you are not a skilled wordpress developer.You can easily edit its codes or can insert new functions and features. For the seo purpose Meta tags  Keywords play very important role. You need to add different meta tags in your website <head> you can find this tag on header.php file on your theme dictionary.

Here is the Complete list of all meta tags that are very significant for the seo. All you need to do is to pick your relevant tags and use them in your head opening & closing tag. Some websites have common meta tags so inhibit using double meta tag as they block seo.

Submitting SItemap

The final step is to submit the sitemap for your website, which is the most important feature without that your website will not show in Google Search. Try using Yoast for that which is the best plugin in the SEO playground. Change the Yoast sitemap priority to one hour it will help you to index website more fast.

You can also speed up the crawl rate of google indexing from the webmaster tools site settings.

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Sarmad Gardezi A blog scientist by Mind and a Passionate Blogger by heart. Sarmad is Freelancer, Entrepreneur and Google Apps Scripts Developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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