How to Write Google Apps Script?

Google Apps Script is a coding language where you can write small programs performing custom behaviors that go beyond the standard features of Google Apps. The code is stored and executed on Google’s servers.

It means you can do cool stuff like automating repetitive tasks, creating, modifying and emailing documents to people, and linking up your Google Sheets to other data sources. Heck, you can even build complex web forms, use a Google Sheet as your database, programatically create charts and publish it all to the web. In other words, you can build fully featured, lightweight web applications.

Writing your first Google Apps Script

So let’s go ahead and write our first, extremely basic program, the classic “Hello world” program beloved of computer teaching departments the world over.

In this Google Sheets script tutorial, we’re going to write a script that is bound to our Google Sheet, or you might say contained within our Google Sheet. This is known in the jargon as a container-bound script.

Begin by creating a new Google Sheet. Then, click the menu Tools > Script editor... to open a new tab with the code editor window:

This will open a new tab in your browser, which is the Google Apps Script editor window:

By default, it’ll open with a single Google Script file ( Where you can write your own Code to fetch the results. Click the link below to procedure to the Function Article.

Google Apps Script Tutorials ⟶

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