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How to Create Google Forms file upload

Update: Google Forms can now upload files. Google Forms had the capability to upload files. This solution does not use Google Forms. This is an example of using an Apps Script Web App, which is very different than…

Refresh data Retrieved by a Custom Function in Google Spreadsheet

I’ve written a custom google apps script that will receive an id and fetch information from a web service (a price). I use this script in a spreadsheet, and it works just fine. My problem is that these…

How to debug Google Apps Script

In google docs spreadsheets, you can add some scripting functionality. If you are adding something for the onEdit event, but you don’t know if it’s working. As far as I can tell, you can’t debug a live event from google…

Rename Google Drive Images from Spreadsheet

This script will help you to modify or rename any image i to your google drive using spreadsheet in google apps script.

How do use Google Apps Script to paste down a formula?

Paste any formula in Google Spread sheet using Google App Script simple down. It will make your work more easy.
Try this free code.

Use Instagram App Filter on Desktop Computer

Use Instagram Filters to your Photos make them look like more impressive by placing cool and trendy felters to your photos using Google Apps Script.

Convert Speech to Text Using Google Apps Script

With the help of Google API and Google apps script you can convert your voice in to text easily. This script can be used as offline as a web app.