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Written by Sarmad Gardezi March 31, 2018

There’s hardly any website that doesn’t have two kinds of buttons, namely; social media buttons and call-to-action buttons. While the former is a totally different topic altogether, in this post, I’m featuring the call-to-action button templates to download.

As web designers are always looking for fresh collection of call-to-action buttons at their disposal, here is a collection of call-to-action buttons templates ranging from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to professionally designed Photoshop formats. Let’s take a look.

Download Buttons in HTML/CSS/JS

Fancy Floaty Button

If you are looking for some fun way to show actionable items, then Fancy Floaty Button sounds like an ideal choice. It shows a simple colored button that floats with a slow up and down transition. You can also change its content and design as needed.

RubyMotion CTA-button

RubyMotion CTA-button is a beautiful and attractive call-to-action button, thanks to its vibrant color. I like the animation on hover, which fills the whole button with color.

Pulsing CTA

This template shows a simple call-to-action button with a pulsing background. Thanks to its pulsing nature, it is noticeable enough to catch every visitor’s attention.

Button Flip-down Call to Action

Button Flip-down Call to Action is a simple call-to-action button template with a flip animation that seems like a mailbox is opening. Due to this animation, I liked this button.

Six Buttons with Hover Animations

This set of six buttons with different types of hover animations is a perfect set of a call to action buttons if you are looking to place different button types and keep it all unique.

YouTube Call to Action

If you wish to show a video or promo link as a call-to-action, then YouTube Call to Action is the ideal choice. It showcases a clean, visible button that displays additional information on hover, and you can customize its colors to stand it out along with your design.

All these css buttons are free to download and can be used in any websites without credits.

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