Some Google Hidden Games you Might Like in 2018

Written by Sarmad Gardezi March 25, 2018

Whether you’re without an internet connection or you’re just bored, there are some Google hidden games that have the potential to keep you entertained. Some of them don’t even require an internet connection! Most of these hidden games are fun easter-eggs that Google has built into Google Search and Google Chrome and are endlessly entertaining and very easy to play. Beware, you may lose hours of your lives to these Google hidden games.

1. T-Rex Endless Runner

This is possibly the most well-known easter-egg and is one of the best hidden games on Google built right into Google Chrome. You must be quite familiar with this screen with a T-Rex that shows up when you’re not connected to the internet or when there’s some kind of network issue. Bonus point, this game is also available in the mobile version of Google Chrome, so you can play it on your phone or tablet as well by simply tapping the screen.

How to Play: All you have to do is press spacebar and the game begins. It’s an extremely simple endless runner game where you press the spacebar to jump over obstacles and you’re scored on the distance you run without colliding with any obstacles. The simple dynamics make this game so entertaining that you might find yourself disconnecting from the internet just to play it!

2. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a retro-style game with a dynamic that everyone knows. You have some blocks and a ball, and you bounce the ball off a board to get rid of the boxes. So where is this hidden game actually hidden? Well, just type in “Atari Breakout” into Google Image Search, and the image results transform into an Atari Breakout gameboard that you can play on. (Of course, if you’re really looking for images, you can always return to a normal image search, but honestly, why would you want to?) What’s really cool is that the blocks are made of actual image results for the search.

Cool, right? Another way to quite easily lose hours of your life trying to get a higher score.

How to Play: This hidden game of Google is only in the desktop version of Image search. Once the game starts, simply use your mouse to move the panel left and right and keep the ball bouncing! If you go to the desktop version of image search on your mobile, you can swipe left and right to control the panel to keep the ball bouncing.

3. Smarty Pins

This is a geography-based game that’s sure to test your knowledge of the world and possibly give you a few grey hairs! It’s a game built on top of Google Maps which asks you some questions that require you to drop a pin on the right location on the map. Points are kilometers, and you can gain or lose kilometers based on how you do!

How to Play: At the onset, you get the choice to either pick a category or to directly start playing. When you start playing, the map auto-zooms to the general area around the answer for each question. Sometimes it’s the whole country and sometimes just a few city blocks. The goal is to drag the pin to the location on the map that answers the question. The points system is based on miles or kilometers depending on your physical location. You start with 1000 miles (or 1609 kilometers) and get bonuses for quick answers. If your answers are inaccurate, you lose miles/ kilometers depending on how far off you are. You also get special pins for reaching a certain number of questions (bronze for 5 right answers, gold for 15, you know). The game ends when your score becomes zero.

Review: 5/5 stars! This game takes you all around the world and it’s a lot of fun trying to guess answers that you don’t know. Some answers are city-level and some expect you to zoom in and drop it at the exact address (like the White House). It’s also equally frustrating sometimes, but that’s a part of the charm!

4. Flight Simulator

This game is hidden in the Google Earth application menu. It allows you to zoom around the world on Google Earth using a flight simulator!

How to play: Download the Google Earth application for Mac, Windows, or Linux and go to Tools > Enter Flight Simulator. Simply pick your plane and your starting location and start your flight! There is also an official set of detailed instructions from Google about the game here. The game can be controlled using a joystick or your mouse.

Review: 3/5 stars. It would have been really nice to be able to play this hidden game without downloading the application! It may also take some time to get used to the complicated controls.

Trivia: Successfully landing the plane without crashing might very well be the hardest part of this game! Have you tried it?

So these games can entertain you when you lost your internet connection for some couple of time. These are very light in weight & can run on any computer or laptop.

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