Pakistani Freelancer Sarmad Gardezi

Sarmad Gardezi is CEO & Founder of The Developers Pk and 9Tech in Pakistan. Sarmad share’s How to Tech Guide for the beginners since 2012. Sarmad is professional Web Developer/ Designer, Search Engine Optimizer and  Google Apps Script developer.

Sarmad Gardezi started his journey from blogspot blog and founded his first website in 2014 and share tech guides for the beginners. He usually took those topic on which people search on internet for help. Sarmad Gardezi got his freelancing Award from LDF in 2015. Later on he is the member of Github Programme member in Pakistan.

Now he makes Web Apps and Video Tutorials for the Business persons who want to automate their work flow easy. Now Sarmad is leading many blog website and Custom business website, He was the first Blogger in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. His name is on the biggest bloggers of Pakistan.

He worked on Propakistani & Dawn Blogs in Pakistan. later on he founded the developers pk for the bloggers to share every tech guide for the beginners  related to Codding Apps & Tutorials so that they can solve their each and every problem.

His main motive is to help people and help them to learn and earn for free. Becoming a Google Classroom member he is Google Student certified in August 2017. You can find him o  Facebook Twitter & YouTube.