How to Save Someone Shared Files in My Google Drive

Written by Sarmad Gardezi March 25, 2018

Google Drive is a great place to store and share files and folders. You can keep all the files that your friends and colleagues have shared with you. Also, you can invite others to view, download, and collaborate on your files. In this tutorial, we will provide a most useful guide for managing shared files on Google Drive.

Most of the cases the files or folders need to be saved from Shared with me to My Drive. This step-by-step guide will show you how to save shared file (Shared with me) in My Drive on Google Drive.

Save Someone File in Google Drive

Here i am sharing some steps which can help you to save someones google drive file in to your google drive. It doesn’t matter that uiser gave you the permission to just view the file. Follow the steps below and save any file in to your google drive and edit it.

Step: 1 Click the Shared with me from the left menu panel on Google Drive. You will see all the files and folders which are shared with you.

Step: 2 Right click on the file or folder which you would like to save. There are two ways to save shared files on your drive.

  • Click Add to My Drive which will save a copy of the selected file/folder to My Drivefolder on Google Drive. The content of this file/folder will be synced, but it will be removed from your drive if the owner or other editor removed it.

Step: 3 Click Make a copy which will save a copy the selected file to My Drive folder on Google Drive. The content of this file will not be synced, but it will be kept on your drive even if deleted by others.

By using the above method you can save someone google drive shared file in to your google drive & edit it as per your desire. The person will not be notified if you save the file into your google drive.

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