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Google Data Saver App Can Save Your Data Usage in Android

Written by Sarmad Gardezi December 3, 2017

Back in June, Google quietly launched Triangle, an app to track which apps used mobile data on your Android device and restrict unwanted consumption. It’s now got a new name – Datally – and is available on Google Play globally.

While Triangle was designed to give you control over apps to prevent them from chewing through your data plan – both during active use and while running in the background – Datally (a play on De Talli, which means ‘high five’ in Hindi) tacks on a public Wi-Fi Finder that will guide you to locations where you can hop online for free.

Photo from Google Blogs

For users who are conscious of how much they spend on data, the company previously launched YouTube Go, a variant of the video platform’s main app, with additional features like the ability to download clips for offline playback; it also released Files Go, a free file manager that lets you share content stored on your phone with anyone else without the need for an internet connection.

Give Datally a go by grabbing the free app on Google Play.

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