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How to Hide Shared Google Drive File from Everyone

Written by Sarmad Gardezi December 9, 2017

Google drive is the best open drive platform for everyone to save and share data with anyone around the globe. Its best part is you can update the exiting file, can host and merge files, and save your files for future use.

Google drive provide many facilities like 15GB of space for the startups, You can buy premium if you need more cloud space people can share their information with their friends & family members through google drive. As a whole  folder can also be shared, the question arises What to do if you want to hide the specific file from shared folder?

Getting Started

Google drive provide many options when you get into file or folder properties either you can permanently hide the file or update the version.If you want to do it temporary, then you can easily nail it with this simple trick.

Go to your Google Drive shared folder and share the file using share button.

Now you can check to whom the file is being shared. If you want to remove some specific individual you can simply do it by removing that individual from the shared list, But when you want to add up that person again you need to invite him again to view the document file.

It adds or removes users from permission. Now we are moving to update the version by hiding the previous files and updating them with some new test files instead.

Hide Shared Google Drive File

To hide the file we are not going to delete the main file, The method we are going to use is manage versions, We’ll simply update the file with some image or some other file which disable the share link of doc. file from the shared users.

Now the shared file is the image file this will be temporary when you want to add some info into the existing files after that you can upload the new version of the file and delete the image file. Shared users can not see view or edit the hidden version of file. Only the drive access member can manage it.

Remember that if you don’t check the Keep Forever option the main file will be deleted in 2 weeks. So it is important to check that option if you want to keep it forever. Both the files are consuming the space in your drive. You can also delete the image file and people can view the original file with the existing shared link.

No need to update or to share the link again with the users but if you want to add some new user you can add him as a new one.

You can also use this method to protect or hide your controversial files in your google drive. This can be done on any extension file i.e Audio, video, PDF, doc, sheet, song etc

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